European multifunction Solar Water Heater

Installing a TES solar water heating system can reduce your CO2 footprint as much as planting 200 trees!

CERoHS compliantIAFEN12975-2

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How do Solar Water Heaters work?How do solar water heaters work?

1. Energy Collection: Sunlight, short wave energy, is collected and converted to heat which is long wave energy.

The solar collector is mounted on or near your home facing south. As the sunlight passes through the collector's plastic or glass "glazing," it strikes a metal or rubber absorbing material. This material converts the sunlight into long wave heat, and the glazing prevents the heat from escaping like a greenhouse. It is like leaving a car parked in the sun with its windows rolled up. The temperature inside a glazed solar collector on your roof can easily reach 300°F when there is no heat transfer fluid flowing through it.

The most common types of solar collectors used in solar water heaters are glazed flat plate collectors. A glazed flat plate collector consists of a shallow rectangular box with a transparent plastic or glass "window" covering a flat black plate or selective "Chrome" coating. The black plate is attached to a series of parallel tubes or one serpentine tube through which water, or other heat transfer fluids pass.

2. Energy Transfer: Circulating fluids like water in an "Open Loop" or Propylene Glycol in a Closed Loop" transfer the collected energy in the form of heat to a storage tank.

Heat energy is transferred from the collector to the water storage tank. In some water heaters, hot fluid is pumped from the collector to the storage tank. The pump is powered by electricity that either comes from an electrical wall outlet or a small photovoltaic module located beside the collector.

3. Energy Storage

Solar-heated water is stored in an insulated tank until you need it. Hot water is drawn off the tank when tap water is used, and cold make-up water enters at the bottom of the tank.

Solar water heaters tend to have a slightly larger hot water storage capacity than conventional water heaters. This is because solar heat is available only during the day and sufficient hot water must be collected to meet evening and morning requirements.

Technical Information of closed loop system solar water heater boiler

EN 12975-2 and ISO 9806-1

EN 12975-2 and ISO 9806-2

  • External casing
    :Anodized aluminium or stainless steel
  • Tank's insulation
    :Polyurethane foam 50mm
  • Cylinder's Material
    :low carbon steel 2.5mm, stainless steel(optional), copper(optional)
  • Jacket's Material
    :low carbon steel 1.5mm, stainless steel(optional), copper(optional)
  • Cylinder's internal protection
    :Ti-Nano (Titanium nano-technology) (*only on low carbon steel cylinder)
  • Additional protection
    :magnesium rod
  • Max working pressure
  • Test pressure
  • Electric resistance
    :stainless steel or copper
  • Thermostat
    :bipolar of four contacts(20°C to 80°C)
  • Power rate
    :available from 0.8kw-4kw

    Technical Information of solar collector

    Solar collector detailed view

    1.External frame:

    Anodized aluminum profile
    a)EPDM rubber
    b)transparent silicone
    3.Cover: solar tempered glass/low iron
    4.Absorber: a unified sheet of copper or aluminum with blue selective
    /black paint or black chrome coating/ultrasonic welding
    5.Absorber tubes: copper pipes Ø8-10-12-15&22(risers and headers)
    6.Side insulation: glass wool or rock wool 30mm
    7.Back insulation: glass wool 50mm or rock wool
    8.Back side: galvanized sheet or aluminum


    1500 x 1000 x 90 1.5m² 1.0Mpa 1.4Mpa 33 97%±2% 5%±3%
    2000 x 1000 x 90 2.0m² 1.0Mpa 1.4Mpa 45
    2000 x 1250 x 90 2.5m² 1.0Mpa 1.4Mpa 55
    2000 x 1500 x 90 3.0m² 1.0Mpa 1.4Mpa 66
  • Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.



    Product Features

    Solar Water Heater product features



    solar absorber fins

    Ultrasonic Welding

    Fins and copper pipe are welded adopting ultrasonic welding technique, this ensures good heat conduction, nice outlook and wide usage. The strong welding line can endure different climate.

    The selective electroplate coating: has high heat conduction and long service time.
    Application Range: used in manufacture whole copper collector core, flat panel, solar heat-pipe, U-shaped tube and all kind of efficiency radiator etc.

    copper core of solar absorber for solar collector

    All Copper core

    Adopting ultrasonic welding, heater pipe and secondary pipe are welded directly without any joints with a beautiful shape.
    It can withstand cold/hot impact and endure pressure more than 1.4 Mpa.
    The high-quality selective coating or electroplate black chrome has high absorbance, low emittance, fast heating, anti-corrossion, and long service life features.
    Application Range: widely used in all dimension solar collector module.

    All copper pressurized conjunction:
    Used the high-technique hard connection insted of the traditional soft-connection.
    The metal sealing loop avoids the leaking problem due to rubber aging.
    It makes installation and usage more convenient and reliable.


    HJK-7 Working station for Indirect Solar System

    TES868C61 Working station for Indirect Solar System

    1.Intelligent controller: automatic control, reliable performance.
    2.Circulation pump: Low noise, high efficiency, long service time.
    3.Flow window: Adjust the circulation medium flux.
    4.Expansion valve: adjust and balance the system working pressure when the medium expands due to the heat.
    5.Relief valve: stable working pressure at 0.6 Mpa ensures the system working stabilization.

    Magnesium Bar

    Protects the water tank from scaling(salt deposits)
    Only for the non-pressure bearing system

    W3 Pressurized Heat Exchanger

    W3 Pressurized Heat Exchanger

    1.Overheat protection: Automatic stop while reaching the set temperature.
    2.Magnesium anode: Ensures water clearness.
    3.Heat Exchanger: Transfer the heat from the heat exchanger to the water inside the storage water tank.

    Ti-Nano titanium nano-coating technology

    The most usual problem that might occur in a solar water heater is the appearance of rust inside the water tank and also the formation of scale that can destroy the electrical backup heating element. One of the most used techniques used to overcome this problem was the application of a glass coating on the inside of the water tank that would prevent rust formation.

    This technique however has one major problem. Glass and steel have different expansion properties. Therefore the steel tank would expand with a different rate than the glass coating causing cracks in the glass surface. Even the smallest crack can create a rust spot that will contaminate the water.

    Tianke Energy Saving seems to have overcome this problem with the application of a different type of interior coating which they call Ti-Nano coating. This titanium based 200µm nanocoating has been used in boat water tanks and also in the army's water supply tanks. This material is also used in industrial chemical tanks and transfer pipes and provides rust and corrosion resistance for more than 60 years even if used to store acid or alcaline materials. It also prevents the formation of scale or any other deposits on the surface of the coating and is suitable for the storage of food and water. Also since it is a nanocoating technology it invades the pores of the steel tank and is impossible to crack or wash off the steel surface of the tank's interior.

    Advantages of TES solar water heater

    1. German technology, European manufacture and quality. Extremely High Efficiency.
    2. ISO 9001:2000 Quality, CE, RoHS, Solar Keymark (EN12975-2/ISO 9806-1). Test results place our products amongst the best in the world in terms of performance.
    3. Pressurized Closed System. Input-output water is not used in the heating function thus remaining clean and preventing the formation of rust, scale or dirt inside usable water by the end user. Special thermal fluid is used in the solar collector thus preventing frost and allowing operation in extremely low or high temperatures (lower than -40 °C).
    4. Ti-Nano titanium micro technology coating in water storage tank. Prevents formation of rust, scale and dirt. Long lifetime of coating (more than 60 years). Has obtained RoHS approval.
    5. No pump required. Natural circulation flow is accomplished in the system.
    6. Flat collector is hail/rain/storm/hurricane-proof.
    7. Prismatic glass used for higher efficiency of collector.
    8. Patented jacket design prevents thermal loss during night-time.
    9. High Quality copper fins and tubes on the collector.
    10. More than 30 years working life.
    11. Minimum maintenance. Only maintenance required is addition of thermal fluid, maximum once per one or two years.
    12. High quality materials, strict quality control.
    13. Phenomenal collector output of 700W/m².
    14. Good after-sales service.
    15. OEM and ODM provided.
    16. Easy to understand installation manual.
    17. Customized production on customer request.
    18. One of few factories that produce the whole product on our own.

    Well known Chinese brand 2.3m² 12 Vacuum Tube Collector

    Tianke Energy Saving 1.5m² flat panel

    Efficiency η0.05a of collector for solar irradiance 800 W/m²:
    based on aperture area:   based on absorber area:
    η0.05a = 0.464         η0.05A = 0.539

    Power Output W/m² without losses for solar irradiance 800 W/m²:
    Based on aperture area:  371.20 W/m²
    Based on absorber area:  431.20 W/m²

    Efficiency η0.05a of collector for solar irradiance 1000 W/m²:
    based on aperture area:    based on absorber area:
    η0A = 0.554         η0A = 0.644

    Power Output W/m² without losses for solar irradiance 1000 W/m²:
    Based on aperture area:  554.00 W/m²
    Based on absorber area:  644.00 W/m²

    Efficiency η0.05a of collector for solar irradiance 800 W/m²:
    based on aperture area:   based on absorber area:
    η0.05a = 0.69          η0.05A = 0.71

    Power Output W/m² without losses for solar irradiance 800 W/m²:
    Based on aperture area:  552.00 W/m²
    Based on absorber area:  568.00 W/m²

    Efficiency η0.05a of collector for solar irradiance 1000 W/m²:
    based on aperture area:    based on absorber area:
    η0A = 0.70          η0A = 0.73

    Power Output W/m² without losses for solar irradiance 1000 W/m²:
    Based on aperture area:  700.00 W/m²
    Based on absorber area:  730.00 W/m²



    Tianke Energy Saving TESATLAS™ Wall Mounted Solar Collector

    We are proud to present our new line of wall mounted solar collectors! This new product eliminates the need of big roof space for the installation of your solar system making it easy to be installed on your balcony, on the outside wall of the building or any other area.

    This new, only 50cm height, collector offers even higher performance than our normal solar collector range due to an all new absorber design.

    Size (m²) 0.5m² 0.75m² 1.0m² 1.25m² 1.5m²

    For more information and prices please contact us.

    TESATLAS Wall Mounted Flat Panel Solar Collector LogoTESATLAS Wall Mounted Flat Panel Solar Collector Profile

    TESATLAS Wall Mounted Flat Panel Solar Collector Front



    Pool Solar Water Heating & Industrial Solar Water Heating Applications

    Our products can be used in swimming pool solar heating and industrial projects that require large volumes of hot water generation. If you are interested in that kind of applications please contact us for a detailed project study.

    CERoHS compliantIAFEN12975-2

    solar heating boiler with dual collector panels photo
    solar collector boiler with one panel
    Solar Water Heater System Aluminum cover Solar Water Heater System
    detail black chrome selective prismatic glass solar collector 2 detail black chrome selective prismatic glass solar collector
    solar collector flat panel casing detail

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